Mom Thanks Airline Crew For Saving Baby's Life After Seizure

A mom was terrified when her baby started having a seizure on a recent American Airlines flight, but cabin crew and other passengers helped her manage the crisis.Janay Flowers was flying with her 11-month-old daughter, Nevaeh, and about 10 minutes before the plane landed in Dallas, the baby had a febrile seizure - which the Mayo Clinic describes as a “convulsion caused by a fever, often due to an infection.”

Janay says this was the first time her baby ever had a seizure, so she wasn’t sure what to do and yelled out for help. Flight crew and fellow passengers rushed over to help, and realized she was burning up, so they took her clothes off. The baby’s toes were blue and she was barely breathing, but someone gave her oxygen, others took her pulse and someone arranged for paramedics to meet them at the gate.

Mom and baby were taken to Baylor Medical Center and Nevaeh was treated and mom reports she’s doing well. In an Instagram post, Janay thanks the passengers and American Airlines crew who stepped in and helped save her baby’s life. She credits God for putting the “right people in the right place at the right time” and says her daughter is “back to being a happy baby.”

Source: USA Today

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