Grandpa Buys Paper When School Runs Out For The Year

It only took a few days for Walter Buse to become suspicious when his grandson started coming home without homework. After three days, he went to Falcon Hill Elementary in Mesa, Arizona, where his grandson is a student, to make sure the kid was telling the truth and that’s when he found out the school was fully aware no homework had been sent home.

Buse learned they couldn’t assign any homework because the school had run out of paper and they didn’t have any funds left in the budget to buy more. As shocking as that might sound, it’s not unheard of, apparently. The school’s financial advisor, Scott Thompson, says things like running out of supplies can happen as the end of the school year approaches. He says the paper shortage is a result of how the principal allocates the school’s yearly budget and the lack of investment in education from the state.

But it’s hard to run a school without essential supplies, so Buse decided to help them out. The grandad couldn’t get the school the additional funding they needed, but he could buy them some paper to get them through the end of the school year and that’s what he did. And school staff was thankful for his good deed.

“You'd think I carried in a basket of gold the way they acted at the office,” Buse says. “So I knew it was appreciated.”

Source:ABC 15

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