Woman Is Stunned By At Home DNA Results

All it takes to find out your ancestry is to spit in a cup and ship it off to a company.. DNA tests are part of the new normal. We want to know who we are. That was Katy Canning, too. She wanted to fill in the blanks. Told by her mom that she's part Native-American, Katy was in for a shock.

Not only did the test reveal that she's not Native-American...it informed her that she's Jamaican-American.It also told her that her “dad” wasn’t her biological dad. That man was Baron Duncan,a traveling guitarist. Then came the revelation that she didn't have one sibling, but three more!

In all, Canning took the landslide of news well and even met her brother Stephen. What she didn’t get was support from the DNA testing company. They don’t offer support for traumatic news.

  • 23andMe says people are smart and capable enough to take care of themselves when they find out something shocking.
  • Apparently, Ancestry has resources if the "surprise" is too much.

As for Katy, despite the fact that she has a different father than she believed, the man who raised her from the day she was born will always be her dad. By the way, her mom confessed to the fling with the guitarist by saying “it was the 80s.”



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