Teen Saves Up For Years To Buy Electric Wheelchair For Friend

A pair of teen pals in Norman, Arkansas are reminding the world what being a true friend is really all about. Tanner Wilson and Brandon Qualls have been buddies for years and after watching Brandon get tired while trying to navigate their high school halls in his hand-push wheelchair, Tanner decided to do something to help him.

For the last two years, Tanner has been saving money he earns working part-time at a local car mechanic shop to buy Brandon an electric wheelchair. Brandon had no idea and was completely surprised when Tanner presented it to him in front of their classmates at Caddo Hills High School.

Tanner says Brandon has been a really good friend to him and has always been there for him, so he wanted to do this for him. “It’s been my dream to just have one of these,” Brandon says. “And my dream came true.”




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