Lay's New Chip Flavors Inspired By Music

Lay’s loves to get creative with their new potato chip flavors. Last summer, they brought us the “Taste of America” line, which had eight flavors inspired by regional favorites from across the country and now their latest release, “Turn Up The Flavor” is three new chip flavors inspired by music. Each of the three limited-time flavors goes with a specific music genre: Pop, Hip-Hop, and Rock. Lay’s even teamed up with singer Bebe Rexha to create an original song that’s been remixed in each of the three genres.

Here’s what the trio of new musical flavors are like:

  • Electric Lime and Sea Salt - Lay’s says the “tangy and vibrant” flavors of these chips are “energetic and upbeat” like pop music.
  • Flamin’ Hot Dill Pickle Remix - It’s a mix of the trendy Flamin’ Hot flavor and popular pickle-flavored snacks, so these are “spicy and fresh,” like hip-hop music.
  • Kettle Cooked Classic Beer Cheese - Rock music is classic and so are these chips with a “bold flavor.”

These are in stores now and each flavor will also include a code that will unlock Rexha’s song, “Right Here, Right Now,” remixed to match the “Turn Up The Flavor” chips.

Source:Brand Eating



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