German Officials Seize Dog And Sell It On eBay

Remind me never to move to Germany and not pay my taxes. German authorities have reportedly seized on families dog after they didn't pay their taxes. 

Authorities had shown up at the family’s home in search of anything valuable back in November. What they ended up leaving with was their pedigree pug, Edda. It seems that Germany still has a dog tax on their books and by not paying it,you can lose your dog. 

The dog was eventually listed on an eBay site and sold for $854. The only problem? The dog was listed to be in perfect health...and as it turns out, Edda isn't. Along with the four-legs, the new owner scored a medical bill. Edda needed multiple eye operations to the tune of $2,000. Now, thenewowners are now suing officials for selling them a defective dog. 

Source: New York Post



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