A Groom And His Bride's "Ex-Boyfriend" Stage a WWE Style Fight At Reception

Weddings are always a little more fun when there’s an element of surprise. Especially if it involved anything to do with the WWE.

A Texas couple recently staged a WWE style event during their wedding to the shock of their guests. During the ceremony, the groom and his brides "ex-boyfriend" staged a WWE style fight in the middle of the room and slammed the “ex” right through a table in front of their friends and family.

Nick Boulanger and his new bride Alex Bravata are both fans of professional wrestling and wanted to do something that people would remember at their wedding. They came up with the perfect script that would play out during the event. 

In order to make the plan become a reality, Boulanger recruited Texas-based wrestler Steve Patin to play Bravata’s ex-boyfriend and personally built the table he would slam him through using the weakest wood he could find at a local Home Depot. Only the wedding party knew of their plans. Guests were left flabbergasted as it all unfolded. 

The video of the skit has now gone viral, getting more than 90,000 views on Instagram since it was posted on Sunday, and Boulanger couldn’t be happier how it turned out and that his wife even let him go through with it. Congrats!



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