Woman Is First Openly-Autistic Lawyer In Florida

When Haley Moss was three, she was diagnosed with autism. She could read and do a 100-piece puzzle, but she didn’t talk. By the time she was four, she started speaking and she excelled in school, focusing on proving her ability was much more than her disability.

Moss wrote her first book at 13 and has written another since, she’s also created lots of art pieces and says being an advocate for others with autism has always been important to her. After she graduated with her bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida, she decided to pursue her law degree at University of Miami so she could continue to help her community and make a difference.

She now 24, has graduated and passed the bar exam, something she and her employer believe she’s the first openly autistic person to do. Now Moss is practicing law with a focus on health care and international affairs and hopes to inspire others with her success.

“My advice is not to set limits,” Moss explains. “Being different isn't less. It isn’t bad. It’s just different, and different can be extraordinary.”

Source:CBS News

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