Woman Finds $4,000 In Book And Returns It To Owner

Retired teacher and book lover Cathy McAllister has been donating her time to the Volunteer nonprofit Service Association in Phoenix, Arizona since 2012 and has leafed through thousands of donated books over the years. But she recently found something she’d never seen - stacks of hundred dollar bills inside a hollowed-out book.

Pages of a tattered copy of “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire” that she was about to discard had been cut out and stuck inside the hole was $4,000 in cash. Fortunately, McAllister also found a family letter with the money, so she was easily able to track down the owner and return the cash.

McAllister was shocked by her find in the book, but the honest volunteer says it never even crossed her mind to keep what wasn’t hers. She credits that to her church upbringing, and her “very strict mother.”

Source:Fox News

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