Neighbor's Dog Saves Woman During Dangerous Cold

During last week’s dangerous cold snap, 87-year-old Noreen decided she needed to go outside to refill her bird feeder, but she fell in the snow and was stuck out in the harsh Minnesota weather. Luckily for her, Midnight the dog lives next door and sensed something was wrong, so she let her owner,Tim Curfman, know.

He was taking the trash out and Midnight came along when she felt something wasn’t right. “She had her ears perked up looking at me,” Curfman explains. “She doesn’t normally do that.” So he followed his pup and she led him to the spot where Noreen was lying in the snow. He got her up and inside and his wife helped her change into dry clothes to warm up.

Fortunately, Noreen didn’t suffer any serious injuries and didn’t get frostbite, even though she was outside for at least half an hour in sub-zero temperatures. She says Midnight rescued her just in the nick of time, like Lassie. And now Noreen is thankful for her personal hero who lives next door.

Source: CBS News

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