Woman Pays For Hotel Rooms For 70 Homeless In Chicago

A good Samaritan made sure a group of 70 homeless people in Chicago had a warm place to sleep during the polar vortex this week. With temperatures in the city dipping down to record setting lows, the group had been camping out in tents near an expressway, using 100 donated propane tanks to keep warm, but then at least one of them exploded.

The Chicago Fire Department got involved because of the explosion and they confiscated the propane tanks, which left the group without a source of heat. The city reached out to the Salvation Army so they could help get the folks to a warming center, but before that happened, they got the good news that an anonymous donor had paid for the group to stay at a hotel for the rest of the week.

All but one of the 70 people accepted the offer and that man checked into the Salvation Army warming center instead. And at least for now, none of them have to face the brutal cold, thanks to a caring stranger.

Source: Newsweek



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