Group Steals Lottery Vending Machine

You have to appreciate the dedication of these next two individuals. Two thieves were caught on camera early Wednesday stealing a lottery kiosk from inside a 24-hour Safeway in Davis, California. The crew can be seen around 3 a.m. posing as shoppers, going in and out of the store and wiggling the machine. Eventually, they came back with gloves and a red dolly. 

In the video, you can see them shaking the kiosk loose and pushing it down. They then cut the cord and wheel it out to their getaway vehicle, a white Toyota pickup truck. Police said the burglars got away with less than $100 after prying the machine open and dumping it along Interstate 80. Police aren't sure why anyone would want to try and steal one of these machines since they don't often have a lot of money in them. The thieves are still on the loose. 

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