McDonald’s Cheesy Bacon Fries Are Coming

When word got out that McDonald’s was serving up Cheesy Bacon Fries, fast food fans got pretty excited. Unfortunately, they were only available in certain areas when they debuted last November as a “regional limited time menu item” and were only supposed to last until the end of 2018. But now Business Insider claims it’s seen “internal documents” that say the fries topped with real cheddar cheese sauce and smoked bacon bits will be arriving at locations across the country “by January 30th.”

McDonald’s has declined to confirm their upcoming plans, but last month a rep did insinuate the Cheesy Bacon Fries are making their way across the U.S. soon. "I'm afraid I'll have to provide a cheesy no comment," the McDonald's representative explains. "At this moment, our kitchens are bacon-ing something together. But we're not yet ready to share the gouda news."

Source: Business Insider



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