Store Selling A Bundle of Sticks For $42

A “rustic” bundle of sticks is now sold out on retailer Anthropologie’s European site, even after some Twitter users questioned the taste of the many customers who bought the twigs.

This means if you live across the pond, you’ll probably have to collect your own rustic sticks this year. They won’t be imported, but you only have yourself to blame for that.

However, if you’re stateside, it’s truly your lucky day. The American version of the site is still stocked with enough rustic stick bundles to turn your home into a freshly landscaped elven forest for a cool $42.

Reviewers are elated, needless to say.

“I’d like to get another couple of sets to leave near my fireplace for ambiance,” one wrote.

“I’m very impressed by the quality of these sticks,” another wrote. “I have a lot of fun watching them lay around the house. Great sticks.”

“This goes perfectly with my Bowl of Dirt,” an especially satisfied customer wrote.

“They have brought joy back into my life after a period of darkness,” another concluded. 

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