Bears Legend Mike Ditka Hospitalized After Heart Attack

Remember those old Saturday Night Live skits—you know, back when it was funny—where they would have guys play goofy Chicago Bears talking about all the things that former Bears head coach Mike Ditka was tougher than?

Yeah, well, you can add one more thing to that list.

A heart attack.

Which is what the NFL legend Ditka finds himself recovering from in Florida earlier this week.

The health scare happened on Wednesday while Ditka was playing golf in Naples. Ditka's agent says the Pro Football Hall of Famer should be headed home from the hospital in the next few days after having a pacemaker inserted.

"Coach Ditka had a mild heart attack earlier this week. Doctors inserted a pacemaker, and he is doing much better," Mandell said. "He appreciates the outpouring of support and expects to be home soon."

In case you’ve forgotten, this isn't the first time that Ditka has dealt with a heart issue. Back in November 1988, the former Bears coach suffered a heart attack during the NFL regular season. However, Ditka didn't let that slow him down as he returned to the sideline just 11 days later.

Sounds like this one 30-years later won’t change the man they call “Iron Mike”more than the first.

Even if he is walking around with a little Titanium in him.

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