Couple Builds Stone Age Village, Live Like Cavemen

A couple from England live their lives as cavemen after turning a section of woods near a highway into a village out of the Stone Age. Naomi Walmsley and Dan Westall dress in handmade clothes stitched out of rabbit fur, hunt for their food with bow and arrows, and make cave art.

The parents of two have long bonded over their love of the outdoors, and started incorporating it into their daily life after going on a Stone Age immersion trip in America together back in 2010. There, they lived primitively in the wild, relying completely on learned survival skills. Now, they run their own organization that teaches schoolchildren the skills and life of the Stone Age, Outback2Basics.

They’re not completely cut off from the modern world, however, which can lead to some awkward moments. For example, imagine showing up to the gas station in full caveman gear, complete with tribal face makeup, or being caught like that in a traffic jam. They don’t mind, though, as long as they’re sending the message to enjoy more time outdoors and away from screens.

Source: Mirror

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