Man Raised Over $200K For Sick Kids While Shining Shoes

For 30 years, Albert Lexie took a two-hour bus ride to UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh every Tuesday and Thursday so he could shine shoes. He charged $3 for a shine and didn’t make much, about $10,000 a year, but it’s what he did with his tips that’s so impressive. Albert donated them all to help sick kids.

Over the years, Albert gave more than $200,000 to the Free Care Fund, which helps uninsured or underinsured kids get the medical care they need. He received many awards for his generosity and the Port Authority of Allegheny County even awarded him a lifetime bus pass so he could ride for free. 

Albert passed away earlier this month at the age of 76, but he leaves behind a wonderful legacy."I think Albert is a symbol of philanthropy and generosity," says Chris Gessner, the hospital president. "He's the kind of special person that people hope for in the world."



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