Inmates May Have Used Drone To Deliver Chinese Food To Prison

Inmates at Wheatfield Prison in Dublin, Ireland seem to have taken a creative approach to satisfy their food cravings from behind bars.

According to a source, prison staff were confused to discover some Chinese takeout containers in the trash of the prison yard. Since there’s “no other conceivable way” the takeout could make it into the prison, they’re left with the possibility that inmates used a drone to deliver themselves some dinner. “It goes to show inmates will go to great lengths to get what they want,” the source adds.

But a spokesperson for the Irish Prison Service denies the incident, claiming that there are nets covering “all the yard” that should make it impossible. But given that drones are becoming an increasingly popular method of smuggling drugs into prisons, the spokesperson refuses to comment on “the size of the holes” in said nets.

This all seems small considering some folks are using drones to smuggle drugs into prisons. Check out the video below!


Source: Irish Mirror


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