Disney World Making Changes To Ticket Prices, Again.

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you that taking the kids to Disney World isn’t cheap. Well, the theme park just announced they are changing the way they sell their tickets, but whether that means it will save parents money remains to be seen.

As of October 16th, ticket prices for Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando will be based on the dates of a planned visit, not simply based on what park a person is going to. Disney is also offering seasonal pricing for multi-day tickets, with prices different depending on the exact dates a person visits, with tickets with flexible dates costing more.

In addition, there will be less flexibility with multi-day tickets. It used to be customers didn’t have to use them on the exact dates they were purchased for, but had 14 days and once used they would have to use them on consecutive days. Now, those purchasing three-day passes have only five days in which they could be used and those with four-day tickets have six days.

Disney insists the new options aren't an attempt at surge pricing. Instead, they say the cost of the ticket is pre-set based on park demand, not on how many people have already purchased tickets to that date.



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