JJ Watt’s Hurricane Fund Largest Crowd-sourced Fundraiser Ever

The more things change, the more things stay the same.

Case in point, the fact that the saying “everything is bigger in Texas” has been around since—I’m guessing—the mid-1800’s when it entered the Union in 1845.

And while Texas has been around nearly two hundred years, organized crowdfunding on the internet has been around maybe ten.

But even that is still bigger in Texas—at least in the case of Houston Texans JJ Watt given the announcement his foundation made on Monday.

When Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston area last year, Watt started a fundraiser and began pledging a significant amount of his own money toward relief efforts after the storm. As of yesterday, that fund had raised $41.6-million—making it the largest crowdsourced fundraiser in world history.

The funds that were raised have been used toward things like providing more than 26 million meals for families and rebuilding homes, child-care centers and after-school programs.

And the three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year says his efforts in Houston are anything but finished, as he also released his foundation’s plan for the next 12 months yesterday.



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