Boy Swept In Sewer Saved By Sticking Finger In Manhole

While an 11-year-old Wisconsin boy was playing in a flooded drainage ditch with friends, he was sucked into a storm sewer. The Calumet County Sheriff’s Office says the boy disappeared under the water around 6 p.m. and didn’t come back up.

A dive team, sheriff’s deputies and volunteer firefighters arrived on the scene to help, but rescuers couldn’t do anything except try to figure out where the flow would take the kid. Deputy Fire Chief Wesley Pompa was standing on top of a manhole cover about 30 feet from the ditch when he saw the boy’s fingers poke through an opening in the manhole cover.

The unnamed child had found an air pocket and was holding on to the ladder leading to the manhole when he was spotted. Firefighters opened the cover and he was pulled to safety.

“I just thank God he was alive and he’d made it that long,” Pompa says. “It could have gone a million different ways but this one way it worked out for him.”



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