Wallet Lost In The 50s Returned To Owner’s Family

As a kid, Sharon Moore heard stories about her dad getting his bag stolen on his way back from the Korean War. The New Hampshire woman never thought much about it until someone from France contacted her on Facebook looking for help finding the owner of a lost wallet. They attached a photo of her mom and a worn Social Security card and driver’s licence, so she immediately knew these belonged to her father.

Robert McCusker, Moore’s dad, passed away back in 1983, but this wallet was found in the basement of a building in France recently. The owner of the building, Patrick Caubet, doesn’t know how it ended up there, but seeing the old official documents and personal photos made him want to track down the family they belonged to. He works for the the French military and enlisted their help finding McCusker’s descendents to return the mementos.


Moore and her brother were delighted to receive their dad’s wallet from France and even filmed themselves opening it and shared that with Caubet, so he could see how happy it made them. To repay the kindness, they sent him a care package in France that included maple syrup from her backyard and a New England Patriots Jersey.

“It’s just amazing,” Moore says of getting back the sentimental items. “To hold something he held everyday, there are just no words.”


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