Man Raises Money For Homeless Angel Who Rescued His Dog

When Rick’s nine-month-old rat terrier, Maya, ran away from home recently, the California man searched for her but didn’t panic. He says he felt his furry friend was alright and in the company of someone who temporarily needed her. And it turns out, he was right.

After Maya escaped, she was found by a homeless man who brought the dog to his buddy, James, who’s living out of his car in East Hollywood. James is also known as “Canine” because he loves dogs so much and he was happy to look after Maya because he’d recently lost his own canine companion. But not long after caring for her, James saw she had ID tags on, so he tracked down a cell phone and reached out to Rick to let him know his dog was safe.

Rick was so touched by the man who has so little giving so much to help reunite him with Maya, so he insisted on giving James $200 for his good deed. “I can’t truly express the emotions I felt when I finally got that call,” Rick explains. “I could feel the warmth of James’ heart through that conversation.”

He’s also started a GoFundMe campaign to help his new pal, it’s raised over $4,000 so far.

Source: People

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