Bystander Saves Baby From Hot Car, Mom Arrested

A bystander noticed a baby boy in the back seat of a hot car in Florida earlier this week and called the police.  Jessica Kaiser, a passerby, saw what looked like a doll in the back seat and when she realized it was a real baby and called 911.

The baby boy was in his car seat and was okay, even as temperatures reached upwards of 93-degrees with a heat index in the 100's. "We avoided a disaster," Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said. "Thank the Lord."

Deputies and firefighters determined the eight-month-old "was in good health and good spirits," the sheriff's office said, adding that he had not been in the car long before Kaiser and her husband found him.

The baby's mother, 33-year-old Meagan Burgess, returned to her vehicle about 24 minutes after the 911 call. She was crying and told cops she forgot her child was in the car, after dropping off several other children with a family member. Despite her remorse, she was arrested and charged with child neglect. Her first court appearance was on Wednesday.

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