Would You Pay By The Hour At Disney World?

How much is a trip to Disney worth to you? The company Disney has begun testing “dynamic pricing” concept that would charge visitors by the hour to enjoy the park. To kick things off? California Adventure's highly-anticipated Pixar Pier opened a day early for dedicated fans who pay 299-dollars – or 50-bucks an hour – to get in.

Apparently, the sneak peek party is to see if people are willing to empty their pockets to avoid crowds. Yes, that’s exactly why the price is so high – to limit crowds. The idea is that: 1000 people at $299 will generate the same revenue as 3000 people at $100, but because the $299 event will be much less crowded, guests will enjoy it much more.

This comes as Disneyland makes major changes to its annual passes and ticket prices, all ahead of next year's opening of Star Wars land.



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