New Music Video From Brooke Eden - Act Like You Don't

Our hometown girl Brooke Eden brings her single Act Like You Don't to life with her new music video that just premiered on CMT Hot 20 Countdown.

We all have that pesky ex who always knows the right (wrong) time to try and reach out to us. The video chronicles Brooke getting ready to go out with her girls, when an ex referred to as 'DON'T ANSWER' decides to give her phone a buzz.

After ignoring the phone call, Brooke and her friends take a girls night to forget about the drama and just have fun. Even when Mr. 'DON'T ANSWER' appears at the same bar the girls are at, Brooke stands strong and doesn't give him a second glance.

This is a lesson for everyone, an ex is an EX for a reason! 

Beautiful video, Brooke! Can't wait to see more :) 



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