Man Offers Free Photos To Grads Who Can’t Afford Them

When Philadelphia photographer Richard Wah saw a group of recently graduated high school seniors on the bus last May, he was struck by the fact that they had caps and gowns on, but no loved ones there to support them. It inspired him to offer to take free graduation photos for any Philly high school student who couldn’t afford them.

Last year, only two took him up on it, but thanks to a Facebook post and the magic of social media, he has 12 teens lined up this year. And not only is he snapping pictures, Wah has four barbers and three makeup artists to help with the photo session happening June 17.

Wah says he wants to help the grads have something they can look back on years from now. “They’re memories,” he explains. “They’re priceless.”

Source: Philly Voice



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