After eight full seasons and endless speculation, How I Met Your Mother has finally revealed that "the mother" is... the Girl With the Yellow Umbrella. In a sequence showing the lead characters heading to Barney and Robin's wedding, the woman, her face still hidden, heads to purchase a train ticket. The man in front of her moves, and a petite brunette with a winning smile is revealed. The coveted role of Ted Mosby's bride has fallen to Cristin Milioti. The Tony-nominated actress is best known for a 30 Rock episode called "TGS Hates Women" and playing Johnny Sack's daughter Catherine on The Sopranos.

Lunchbox says he was disappointed because she isnt hot at all.. he called her a "rat girl". Bobby is surprised by his opinion because he thinks she is really good looking, and doesnt think "rat boy" lunchbox has any right to judge women! Watch the video and tell us what you think! Hot or Not?

Poll: Is The Mother Hot or Not?