Sadly, Bobby died walking an blind elderly lady and her one legged dog across a busy intersection.

Bobby Bones was a man that found joy in others joy
when they smiled, he smiled.
from the hood to the good. the true example of the american dream. a kid who grew up on welfare and foodstamps. a kid who grew up without a dad. and a kid who dealt with addiction problems in his family his entire life. but through it all, he rose from ashes!!!!
if Bobby could do it, anyone can.
so i stand before you now and share some lyrics that stay true to bobbys heart "play chumbawumba"
he also loved his dog. and will be buried with him.
good night everyone drive safe
Amy, of Nashville, went to heaven last night. On June 4th, 2016 she was out power walking with her hand weights when she dropped a weight and was hit by a bus. She was born in Austin, TX thanks to her awesome parents Cliff and Judy. Amy leaves behind her loving husband and their children. She’s the mother of 8 (2 the old fashioned way, 2 from the states and 4 from Haiti). After putting off a stupid online class for 5 years she finally completed it and received a degree from Texas A&M University. She always got in trouble for talking in class, so it makes sense that she made a career out of talking on the Bobby Bones Show. Amy was a painter, hip-hop dancer, gardener, and promoter of organic foods… she also had a problem buying things off of infomercials. In lieu of flowers, Amy would love for people to donate to the orphanage that she loves in Haiti. 

The Man, the myth, the legend known as Lunchbox was brought into this world on July 25th 1981 in Topeka, Kansas 

He got his 1st chick in the 2nd grade, got his 1st French kiss in 5th grade playing truth or dare and the rest is history. 

In high school he was the King of the Prom. 

LB could drink more than most and pulled ladies like a pimp. His skills with the ladies will never be matched and a lot of people wonder how he did it. 

He would later become President, President of the Iron Man club. His money was spent on booze, babes and lottery tickets. 

Women dancers from his favorite gentleman's clubs will be at the funeral and he asks that everyone do an Iron Man Shot in his honor. 

See you at the party aka the funeral 


Former Bobby Bones Show producer dies at his duplex in East Nashville.
At his request, the services will be held in the north, where he’s from.
Ray always strived to be as great as his twin but fell short due to his death.

Ray worked many years for bobby bones during his time on this earth.
He is survived by all his family and his roommate Lunchbox.
Condolences may be sent to East Nashville, but don’t send a package because it will be stolen off the FRONT porch.