After finishing up college at Texas A&M University, she had a sales career, but randomly landed a job in radio after she met Bobby at a restaurant.

Amy is definitely the most conservative on the show and she tries her best to hang with the guys. She also delivers country and pop culture news in her :90 Skinny each hour. 

Amy is married to a pilot, who served 12 years in the Air Force and once even safely crash-landed a faulty plane in a lake! Even though her husband recently separated from the military, Amy is a strong supporter of the men and women that serve our country.

Amy and her husband have one dog, Josie, and they hope to be parents one day soon, as they are currently in the adoption process.The desire to be a parent has made Amy more aware of all of the children in the world that need love and support, so she’s recently worked with orphans here in the U.S., Africa and Haiti.

Oh, and FYI: Amy’s an emotional person to begin with; so when she’s on her fertility drugs… those emotions are magnified x1000. Beware.

You'll find that Amy is really into starting new hobbies… and then quitting them!!! The only hobby she’s really stuck with is yoga. Hobbies that she’s deserted: gardening, hip-hop dancing, painting, aerial yoga, neighborhood watch, bass guitar, etc… She also took the time to get her concealed carry license, but has yet to ever actually buy a handgun.

Amy’s been known to watch weird documentaries about food that heavily influence her holistic and healthy lifestyle. She’s about 85% vegetarian and drinks a Glowing Green Smoothie every single morning. When it comes to TV, if there’s a Real Housewives on from any city, Amy will be watching it. She also likes: Nashville, Revenge, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and every Lifetime Original Movie ever made. Amy’s favorite artists, in no particular order: Taylor Swift, George Strait, Lady Antebellum, Garth Brooks, Reba, Zach Brown Band, John Mayer, Tim McGraw, Randy Travis and Kelly Clarkson.

You can find Amy on Twitter HERE.  For Glowing Green Smoothie link to recipe, click here!