Alayna grew up in Venezuela and came back to the US for college. She first joined The Bobby Bones Show as an intern while attending the University of Texas in 2005. The college student, who was studying psychology, fell in love with radio and decided to change her career path.

Alayna joined the show officially in 2006 as an assistant producer and quickly rose through the ranks to become network producer in 2008, and now Executive producer (announced April 2012). 

Alayna appears on-air periodically, creates the games for the show, and manages

Bobby Bones stated, "Alayna has risen from being a hard working intern, to the engine that makes the show go. I'm proud to have her on my team, and excited to see where she will lead the show in the future." 

A self-proclaimed geek, In her free time Alayna enjoys playing guitar and piano, attempting to write songs and playing video games. Her favorite artists include The Counting Crows, Panic at the Disco, and Taylor Swift.

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