(Los Angeles, CA)  --  One person is dead and several others are wounded in a shooting at Los Angeles International Airport.  The TSA has confirmed that a TSA employee at LAX was killed in the gunfire and another TSA worker suffered injuries in the incident.  The agency also denies that the shooter in question was a TSA employee.  Airport police say the man walked into Terminal Three at LAX around 9:20 a.m. and opened fire with an assault rifle.  He was wounded in a shootout with police and taken into custody.  There's no word on his condition.  L.A. Fire officials say seven people suffered injuries and six were taken to area hospitals. 

The airport is running at about 50 percent capacity at the moment, meaning flights are being heavily delayed both locally and around the country.  Many passengers have taken their luggage from the evacuated terminal and are walking away from the facility due to canceled flights and a lack of ground traffic in and around the facility.  Police believe the shooter in question was a lone gunman.