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Two days after Kanye West blasted Annie Leibovitz for not shooting his and Kim Kardashian’s wedding, it seems the rapper and famed photographer are cool again.

You'll recall, during a talk West gave at the Cannes Lions festival of Tuesday, he was quoted as saying Leibovitz — who photographed the couple for their Vogue cover — bailed on shooting the nuptials, and it "was pissing my girl off during the honeymoon."

He says he spent then "four days" fixing the picture of himself kissing his Kardashian in front of a wall of flowers because he refused to settle for anything but the best.

"She's afraid of celebrity," West allegedly said.

His fixed-up photo eventually became the most liked Instagram post in history.

Now, the "Amazing" singer is singing a different tune about Leibovitz.

In a joint statement from him and the photographer, the two say West’s comments were taken out of context and sensationalized.

While West was clearly frustrated he couldn't collaborate with Leibovitz again, he’s not blaming her because apparently their respective reps couldn't hammer out a deal before the wedding.

"Annie would have been happy to do the portrait but she was never confirmed," says the photog's rep.

And stressing again how he only wanted the best, West now says, "Picture this, the most-liked Instagram photo of all time, shot by Annie Leibovitz. Oh, I'm sorry for dreaming out loud. Again."