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(Yahoo!) - Fresh off her appearance at the 2013 Academy of Country Music Awards, Kelly Clarkson hopped over to Los Angeles to film a new video on Tuesday. The superstar showed up on set with a conservative outfit, fiance Brandon Blackwood…and a mysterious constellation of black dots on her face.

Clearly the spots must have some correlation to her misfit anthem, "People Like Us," which is the song she's creating the clip for. What exactly this connection is - we'll just have to wait and see. Black dots are often used as marking tools to create special effects in film, so chances are there will be some tinkering with Clarkson's appearance in the finished product.

At any rate, Clarkson herself seems to have full confidence everyone will love the concept (whatever the heck it might be). The singer tweeted on Tuesday, "Having my diva moment on set with my glam squad :) We're shooting the video for 'People Like Us' today and yep, it's gonna be rad!"

"People Like Us" is the third single from Clarkson's album Greatest Hits--Chapter One.


Photo Credit Pacific Coast News